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Documentary filmmaking is Josh's biggest passion. 

Check out some of his films here!



Josh has written 6 books on the subject of the paranormal.

His first book spawned a documentary film series entitled A Brush With Evil.



Josh is a part of two different podcasts. The Ectoplasm Show and Conversations in the Dark. Check them out!

A Brush With Evil 3

A Brush With Evil 3 is officially available!

Only available at

A Brush With Evil 2

Trailer for A Brush With Evil 2. Now streaming on

A Brush With Evil

Trailer for the paranormal film, A Brush WIth Evil. Now streaming on

Patience Trailer

Trailer for Patience now streaming on and Amazon Prime!

Josh Heard's Paranormal Quest

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Exclusive content like blogs, vlogs, static cams and live investigations, music, podcasts, and tons more! Only $3!!

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Malvern Manor

One of the most haunted locations in the US. Co-owned by Josh Heard


We offer haunted tours Tues- Sun. And overnight investigations every night of the week. 

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Josh Heard

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